Book Week 2016: Notables List: Early Childhood

CBCA announced this morning the Notables List 2016 (also known as the Long-List) for Book Week. I will split books into their nominated sections into different posts to make it easy to find the relevant grade levels. This is a list of books, brief details and summary - stayed tuned for activities to follow!

Book Week 2016 - Australia: Story Country

Book of the Year: Early Childhood" target="_blank

Title: As Big As You
Author: Sara Acton
ISBN: 9781743629697

Summary: This is the story of two elephants. Claude is a very big elephant who can trumpet and make the ground shake beneath him. Finlay is a tiny elephant who can't imagine that his little squeak will ever turn into a trumpet." target="_blank

Title: I Need A Hug
Author: Aaron Blabey
ISBN: 9781743629093

Summary: This is the story of a porcupine who only wants one thing...she wants a hug. Other animals though as not keen as she is covered in spikes. This one is written in rhyme.

Title: Pig the Fibber
Author: Aaron Blabey
ISBN: 9781743629062
Summary: Pig is back and this time he decides that in order to get his own way there is just one thing to do...fib. Trevor doesn't stand a chance as Pig blames everything on him. But what happens when Pig can't blame Trevor...because he's outside. This one is written in rhyme.

Title: Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
Author: Aaron Blabey
ISBN: 9781743625781
Summary: Brian isn't like his family of fellow piranhas. While they are all happy to much on meat Brian is strictly a vegetarian. His family are determined though that because he's a piranha he should want to eat meat.

Title: The Very Noisy Bear
Author: Nick Bland
ISBN: 9781743627853
Summary: Continuing the story about Bear with this story that has a musical twist. Bear is determined to play an instrument but he needs to find the one that suits him the best and his friends are there to help him to that.

Title: I'm A Hungry Dinosaur
Author: Janeen Brian
ISBN: 9780670078103
Summary: Another adventure of Dinosaur is here. This story is about how Dinosaur is very hungry...for cake! This book is written in rhyme

Title: Small and Big
Author: Karen Collum
ISBN: 9781922081476
Summary: This story is about seeing the world through the eyes of a child and how things we adults see as small are actually quite big to someone small. It follows an adventure in the city that sees Small get lost in a big city.

Title: Puddles Are For Jumping
Author: Kylie Dunstan
ISBN: 9781922081490
Summary: This is the story of a mum and her two daughters as they head out to the shops. It follows them as they energetically skip, bounce, hop etc. making the journey interesting to themselves.

Title: This & That
Author: Mem Fox
ISBN: 9781743622537
Summary: This is a story about THIS and THAT and getting ready for bed.
Title: Meep
Author: Andy Geppert
ISBN: 9780992288723
Summary: This is the story of Meep, a baby peacock, who decides that he will give away all his feathers so that he can help his friends feel better. This is about what makes each of us individuals and the power of generosity and friendship.
Title: Thunderstorm Dancing
Author: Katrina Germei
ISBN: 9781743314593
Summary: This is the story of how imagination can fill a house when a sunny day turns stormy. Inside a house a father and his sons and their poppy are loud making stamping and crashing noises. Granny is there too playing the piano to the sound of the thunderstorm..but when the storm stops all eyes turn to the girl to see what she will do now that it is quiet and clam outside.

Title: What Do You Wish For?
Author: Jane Godwin
ISBN: 9780670078110
Summary: This is a story about Ruby at Christmas time. All the kids in the street are writing a special Christmas Wish and Ruby has to think about what she loves most about Christmas to decide on her wish.
Title: Hop Up! Wiggle Over!
Author: Elizabeth Honey
ISBN: 9781743319987
Summary: This is the story of nine baby animals and all the noise they make in a day from when they get up until they go to bed. Lots of onomatopoeias.

Title: My Dog Bigsy
Author: Alison Lester
ISBN: 9780670078936
Summary: This is the story of a little dog called Bigsy who might be small but is definitely the boss.

Title: Too Busy Sleeping
Author: Zanni Louise
ISBN: 9781742979625
Summary: This is the story of a big sister, Eleanor, who wants desperately to play with her new baby brother, Reuben...but he is always too busy sleeping!

Title: Frog Finds A Place
Author: Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina
ISBN: 9781742990231
Summary: This is the story of Frog. When the moonlight shone done on him and his pond he decided he wanted to go and live up there in the sky with the moon and the stars. He decides to work very hard to get there...but the sky is a long way for a frog.

Title: Perfect
Author: Danny Parker
ISBN: 9781921894848
Summary: This is the story of kids who spend the days scribbling with chalk, running with kites, digging for shells, paddling, climbing, dreaming.
 Title: Ollie And The Wind
Author: Ronojoy Ghosh
ISBN: 9780857988485
Summary: Ollie loves to play on his own island and then one day the wind steals his hat. Then the wind comes back and takes his scarf. The question becomes is the wind really naughty? Or is the wind trying to tell Ollie that an island without many people may not be the right place for him. 

Title: This Is A Ball
Author: Beck Stanton and Matt Stanton
ISBN: 9780733334351
Summary: This is a story about a narrator and listener who initially agree on some pictures - what it is and then goes on to say things like "This is a ball" when it is really a cube - and thus the disagreement begins.

Title: Alfie's Lost Sharkie
Author: Anna Walker
ISBN: 9781742839929
Summary: This is the story of Alfie who is all ready to go to bed...except he can't find his favourite toy, Sharkie, anywhere! Where is he?

Title: Bogtrotter
Author: Margaret Wild
ISBN: 9781921977558
Summary: This is the story of Bogtrotter who spends every day doing the exact same thing - running across the bog, up the bog, down the bog and around the bog - until the day is over. He really wants to do something different but doesn't know how to. The one day he picks a flower...for the first time ever!

Title: Cow Tripped Over The Moon
Author: Tony Wilson
ISBN: 9781743623534
Summary: This is the story that looks behind the rhyme "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and questions that although the rhyme says that the cow jumped over the many times did the cow try it before succeeding? After all, the moon is very high up!

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