Garden of the Purple Dragon: Book Review

In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan struggles to fulfill her destiny.

Only Yesterday: Film Review

English Title: Only Yesterday
Japanese Title: Omohide poro poro
Company: Studio Ghibli
Country: Japan
Year: 1991
Australian Rating: PG

Classification: Fiction (anime)
Themes: life, love, past

A Hidden Danger of Being a Teacher

I've been absent from the Internet for several days on a self-imposed Internet-free zone - actually it was almost a completely computer-free zone as well. Sometimes I find it very necessary to step back and leave the world behind and focus on just my little house and its inhabitants instead. So that's what I did.

One of the reasons I wanted to have a break from the Internet is that it can suck you dry of time and energy that may be better spent doing something else...and I had other things to do. I have a lot of stuff. Yes, I know it because I see it everyday. Some of it is my personal stuff, my teaching stuff, my kids' stuff...but there is too much!! Tackling this problem however poses a problem because I really don't like to get rid of stuff...and being a teacher has made that worse!

Soundless: Book Review

In their silent world they communicate with hand signals...but when people in the community begin to lose their vision as well two will venture down the mountain to find a cure.