Book Week 2016: Short List for Early Childhood

Okay, so I am about a week late getting this one posted (sorry, been ill plus have kids cutting their final molars - has been a busy time!). This is the short-list for the books nominated in the CBCA Book Week 2016: Australia - Story Country...As always I have broken the posts down into their categories to help you find what you need starting with the Early Childhood books.

Book of the Year: Early Childhood

Title: Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
Author: Aaron Blabey
ISBN: 9781743625781
Summary: Brian isn't like his family of fellow piranhas. While they are all happy to much on meat Brian is strictly a vegetarian. His family are determined though that because he's a piranha he should want to eat meat.
 Title: Ollie And The Wind
Author: Ronojoy Ghosh
ISBN: 9780857988485
Summary: Ollie loves to play on his own island and then one day the wind steals his hat. Then the wind comes back and takes his scarf. The question becomes is the wind really naughty? Or is the wind trying to tell Ollie that an island without many people may not be the right place for him.

Title: Perfect
Author: Danny Parker
ISBN: 9781921894848
Summary: This is the story of kids who spend the days scribbling with chalk, running with kites, digging for shells, paddling, climbing, dreaming.

Title: My Dog Bigsy
Author: Alison Lester
ISBN: 9780670078936
Summary: This is the story of a little dog called Bigsy who might be small but is definitely the boss.

Title: Cow Tripped Over The Moon
Author: Tony Wilson
ISBN: 9781743623534
Summary: This is the story that looks behind the rhyme "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and questions that although the rhyme says that the cow jumped over the many times did the cow try it before succeeding? After all, the moon is very high up!
Title: Mr Huff
Illustrator/Author: Anna Walker
ISBN:  9780670078042
Summary: Bill is having a bad day. Mr Huff is following him around and making everything seem difficult. Bill tries to get rid of him, but Mr Huff just gets bigger and bigger! Then they both stop, and a surprising thing happens . . .

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