Paralympic Challenge 2016

I'm slipping in this post in between all the Book Week ones in the hope of inspiring some teachers to sign up for the Paralympic Challenge this year. I had almost forgotten that the program was offered as I hadn't seen anything advertised about it where I live - so sorry for the short notice!

Unfortunately as I am out of the classroom this year I don't have a class participating and my two kids are a little young for it (just wait until the next one!). As a specialist PE teacher back in 2012 I signed up all the classes I was teaching for the Challenge.

The activities varied from easy to more difficult. My students found the Goalball activities quite easy as I had been teaching them a modified version of the game for about 6 months (I will post about that later!), but other activities revolved around wheelchair basketball, walking up and down steps with a brace (we used two strips of Velcro and a small piece of wood behind the knee) - it was so much harder than it looked!, unlocking locks blindfolded and several others. The best thing was that all the lesson plans were provided for free and you just needed to tick off the activities next to each student's name. At the end of the program they are awarded a certificate based on how many activities they completed. Most of my students got a Gold or Silver, a few Bronze and a handful got nothing as they refused to participate.

Overall though the students told me they really enjoyed the experience as the Paralympics are not really focused on all that much when compared to the Olympics.

Now I haven't had a chance to look at the activities this year as I don't want to start an account knowing I'm not signing up students but click the logo below to join or get some information about the athletes to use in your class (if I get as chance I'll take a photo of what my classes did last Olympics). It's free, it's fun and it fits in with the Australian Curriculum (think of how many hours you'll save not having to plan!).
Official Paralympic Education Program Website
CLICK on logo to go there!

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