International Day of Peace 2016: Activities

Did you know that September 21 is the International Day of Peace? September 21 was declared this special day by the General Assembly of the UN. It is a day to promote and devote to working towards the ideals of peace in our world.

Learning English as a Second Language

This post has been prompted after I have read articles and comments from teachers regarding the best way to teach students learning English as a Second Language (ESL) also known as, English as Foreign Language (EFL) in some countries. For the purposes of this discussion I will be using the Australian term, ESL.

Firstly, I should state my background about this. I am hopeless at learning second languages. I have a fairly strong grip on English as my first language but while I did well learning Japanese when I was in primary school (grade 6 and 7) and into high school (grade 8) I did not retain much at all. I feel this is probably due to a couple of important factors.