Body: Book Review

Title: Body
Author: DK Publishers
ISBN: 9781405359450

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: body, vocabulary development

What's it about?
This is part of the "My First..." series by DK. It features photographs of babies through to toddlers and has body parts, actions or objects labelled.

The photographs vs. illustration is a great feature of this book. It features a diverse range of children. The labels are clear and easy to read. The board book is built well!

It doesn't last forever...

My Recommendation...

Use It
I was lucky enough to get two copies of this book as they were supplied through a program called The Little Big Book Club which encourages reading and book use with children. Out of all the books received in their bags my children were instantly attached to this book from about the age of 8 months - 23 months.

My children loved pointing to different body parts in the photograph and then pointing to the same body part on themselves. It really did help to bring along the vocabulary development in both my children and they were identifying body parts as spoken by an adult well before 12 months and naming them on their own by about 14 months.

The books are a book size for little hands but they don't last forever. After 2 years of being carried about, read, (and occasionally argued over when one book fell to pieces), we only have one rather sorry looking copy left. They don't seem overly interested in the book now and have moved on to other books on the shelves but it was certainly an engaging and education book to kick-start their love of books.

Get to know the author
I am a bit of a fan of DK books as their informational texts are always engaging no matter the age. Click their logo to go and have a look at their other books on their website.
If you would like to know more about The Little Big Book Club please click the logo to go to their website.

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