Bonjour! French Resources (including a freebie!)
The month of October is going to have some special guests on this blog. I have had a lot of emails about where to find resources for different languages so I have asked a few fellow teacher-authors to come on over and share some.

Each teacher-author will feature one free and one paid resource that they have available. You can visit the resources by clicking on the resource thumbnail which will take you over to TPT.

My first guest is Mrs Hartig of Mrs Hartig's Classroom. She is a fellow Australian teacher-author who is from Western Australia. Mrs Hartig has kindly lent us some time to share with you about her French resources that she has available (but check out her store if you are also looking for resources in Italian, German, Spanish or Indonesian).

Jours De La Semaine

First up from Mrs Hartig's Classroom is a simple word wall set of the months of the year in French.

With a growing number of students with Autism in particular in mainstream classrooms you need really clear display resources that are not too busy and distracting. This is a two page resource with the days shown in bold writing with a green frame (so easy to cut out as well once printed!). This one is great for a word wall or use with individual students for sorting the days in order or practising the months with a partner.

Priced at $1.25 (USD) this one is a bargain to grab.

Les Couleurs

Second, and FREE, from Mrs Hartig's Classroom is a poster of Les Couleurs (the colours). 

Featuring 11 colours this poster has many possibilities for use in the classroom. You could choose to print it as if and use as a word mat reference to help students begin to recognise and pronounce the colours, or use to help students practise writing the colours correctly. 

Again this is a no-fuss resource that would be perfect in a French classroom, or a classroom learning about France as part of geography, where to-the-point resources that are clear and without distractions are needed. Not to mention - it's FREE. Please also remember to leave feedback once you have had a chance to use the resource in your classroom - it's a nice way to say thank you.
A big thank you to Mrs Hartig for allowing me to share these resources with you. Remember, if you are struggling to locate resource in a language other than English - don't hesitate to leave a comment in my Q&A or send me an email.


  1. Mrs Hartig's Classroom3 October 2016 at 03:56

    Thanks for the great post, looking forward to seeing the other foreign language resources!

    1. You're welcome, Lisa! Thanks for letting me blog about them :)