Now on Facebook

As I have written before I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Used correctly it can be beneficial but there are of course a few things to avoid. Having written that I was encouraged to start a Facebook page to incorporate my blog posts here with how they link better to my resources I sell over on TPT…I have given in…

On the bright side if you are like me and sometimes forget to check in with blogs regularly sometimes a platform such as Facebook can be a quicker and easier way to do so. So please, why not come on over and “Like” the page.

Need a reason to “Like” the page? Fair enough!
Get notified of all my sales and specials!
I can only send out 1 newsletter a month on TPT so quite often small sales and specials I throw are not advertised as well as they could be…if you follow me on Facebook you will be able to see what’s happening with just a click!

Stay up-to-date with new resources
I will post about new resources both here and on Facebook and you’ll get to see more of what is included!

Stay up-to-date with revised resources
If like me you have several pages of purchases (both paid and free) on TPT then you know how easy it is to overlook when a resource has been revised. Did you know my best-selling Swimming Journal just got a complete makeover, new additions and a colour version? No! “Like” my page to keep up-to-date!

Behind the scenes

I often get emails about how I create clipart so I am looking at putting together some type of video or collage to show the process….neat, huh?



What do you think?