Is It a Plant or a Weed?

A heatwave hit this week which really put a stop to our gardening plans. It was just too hot - even to have the children under the shade...but we are hoping that as the temperatures are now cooling off a bit that tomorrow we will be continuing with the chook shed transformation!

This post though is going to be about another focus I have with my children: plants vs weeds. They both know what trees and bushes are....but working out plants vs weeds got a little tricky. Why? Read on!

Chook Shed: The Learning Begins!

 As summer came to an end the other day and autumn began you might be wondering what we've been up to. We have been making full use of the lovely days (even though some have been a little too warm) to get stuck into the garden before winter arrives again.

This year the kids and I have a couple of goals:
* start a vegetable/fruit garden
* get a chook shed together (complete with chooks)

We probably should have concentrated with one thing at a time but at 2.5 years of age they needed the differentiation. Today's post looks specifically at the chook shed.