Information Books: Short List 2017

Here is the round-up of books that appear on the Book Week 2017 Short List for The Eve Pownall Award for Information Books.

One thing that I immediately noticed was a shift away from books focused on war. Over the past few years I had noticed a trend where a lot of the books were about war - and sure, we need to educate the present about the past to ensure the same doesn't happen in the future but it was refreshing to see a wider range of topics represented.

Please note: quite a few of these books are new to me so I have taken the summaries from other sources until I can get hold of the books.

It's Started Again: Book Week 2017

Super quick post! Things are still all over the place for me but I do have some more photos to write about for the chook shed - so keep an eye out!

Also, can you believe it is March already? And yes, with March comes the announcements of the Notables List for Book Week 2017 - Escape to Everywhere. More posts about that topic coming this week!