Chip: Book Review

Meet Chip. Chip loves chips.
Until one day there are no more chips! What will Chip do?

Title: Chip
Author: Kylie Howarth
ISBN: 9781760400736

Classification: Fiction
Themes: seagulls

What's it about?
This story is about a seagull called Chip who loves to eat chips of any kind. Then one day because of his increasingly rude and aggressive chip searching behaviour there are no more chips. In order to get past his hunger and eating again Chip rounds up some other seagulls to put on an airshow.

There is a fold out page that my children liked viewing of the seagulls performing.

The point is....?

My Thoughts...Consider It
I was actually rather excited to receive this book to read as the first of the nominations for Book Week this year. The cover is clever and interesting and my kids were eager to read it. Sadly the excitement fell flat rather quickly and interest was lost.

I get that the natural consequence for stealing chips means Chip has no more chips but the whole putting on an aerobatic display and suddenly all the seagulls get fed again (this time fresh fish) left me wondering what was the point of the story. If the seagulls had had to go and learn to get their fish from the sea again - that I would get and respect - but replacing one vice with another...well, it just didn't do it for me.

The writing is okay but I don't feel it is engaging enough for younger students so if you want to give it a go then use it with older students.

Overall an interesting take on the situation that will appeal to some students.

I am developing a collection of activities for this book - check back soon for them.

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