The Chook Shed Continues....

Okay, so I've had these photos sitting on my desktop waiting to be shared...and haven't gotten around to it. I figured I needed to get a move on as we're about to start work on the next stage.

So here's where the chook shed is at for the moment...

In keeping with my kids' love of Bob the Builder and "reduce, reuse, and recycle" I was given some old lawn mower catchers. For those of you wondering how I got them it was through a Facebook RRR group - a positive there for Facebook!

Anyway, I drilled holes in the bottom (4 in total) and thread twine through each one and secured with a bow knot underneath to the stand - FYI: it's probably not called a bow knot - I'm sure it has a technical name but I don't know what it is - basically I tied it similar to a shoelace - it's secure but I can undo it without having to rethread it. The twine had come off a huge pea straw bale I had had delivered for the garden and inside of the shed.

Now you will probably note that the catchers are sitting on the shelf the opposite way to what I had planned. A bit disappointed but the stands wouldn't have been as stable as I would have liked so I can live with it. It also meant I had to rearrange the large limestone blocks on the floor to accommodate the stands facing the other way. I also secured, with the twine again, the stands to the wall - just in case!

Oh, now I put a feeder underneath one stand for water and one for food on the other. These were new but I got them for 30% off at PetStock so I was happy. I had tried a few different reusing methods but I like that these are off the floor in case any furry little critters (eg. mice...or larger critters like rats) decide to pay a visit.

Overall I was happy with the outcome of the nesting boxes - we will put a bit of straw in them closer to the chooks coming.

Since the stands were moved around though I am now considering changing the perch as it's a bit squished...thinking of using an old school table with the top removed...stay tuned for that one.

Anyway, after all that work it was time to turn my attention to one of many slabs of concrete in my backyard. No, I didn't put it there - a previous owner apparently loved birds and had aviaries everywhere....hmmm. All I got was concrete slabs.

The one pictured was directly next to the chook shed - so it had to go to make way for a chicken run. It took 5 separate days of smashing with a sledgehammer to finally make it gone - will post pictures in my next post about the chook shed. Unfortunately I now have a rather large and ugly pile of smashed concrete to get rid of a few pieces each week into my bin...

While you can't see it in the photo, next to where the concrete was is a very overgrown rockery. This is what we are currently trying to tackle (in between the horrible weather). It is so overgrown that I can't use a spade so I have resorted to smashing out the rocks. The kids love it as they dig the pieces out and take over to the pile of rocks - opposite the pile of concrete. Of course, once the rockery is out there is another piece of concrete to smash...but then we can start building the chook run - and yes, we're got some free things to use to build it...but that's for another post, too.

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