A Little Bit Of News....Japanese Resources

I realised tonight that I only made my announcement about a new Japanese resource set on my Facebook page and not here as well. Whoops, so sorry. In order to make up for my faux pas I am updating where that range is currently at here on my website first!

Japanese resources are currently my most popular and requested resources that I currently make. I have many resources on the go at the moment including workbooks, poster, flash cards - oh and the flipbook/tab books - I haven't forgotten but I am waiting on a few illustrations to finish up both the mini book series and the aforementioned flipbook/tab book set. Fingers crossed to have them finished by the end of August but life is a bit unpredictable so I will do my best to finish them as quickly as humanly possible...promise!

In addition to those resources I have been busy developing a new range for first time Japanese learners. This new series really goes back to the basics of where you start (so even though it is designed for younger children it can work with homeschooling or even adult learners). The exciting, okay....SUPER exciting....thing about this new range is that these resources are not printed. Oh no, this will be a video series complete with audio by a native Japanese speaker!

At the moment I am busy getting scripts ready for my wonderful voice over talent (who I will write about more closer to the release date). She has just completed the first recording which I have synced in ready - the only thing I am waiting on are some exclusive illustrations - including an animation! I'll also write more about the talented illustrator a bit later - go to give you something to come back and read!

The entire first set of videos will definitely be ready to go before Australian schools head back next year - I am hoping perhaps I will complete them a bit earlier but that gives you an idea.

Just on the subject of resources, I am a little overwhelmed with requests at the moment but if you're not in a hurry I am happy to add your needs to my to-do list. Either click the email icon under my photo - or even just post in the comments below!

I hope my US readers are enjoying their summer 'break' as well as Aussie teachers who have just finished or mid-way through term "break" are refreshing their batteries ready to return for term 3.

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