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The first of the books nominated for Book Week 2017 that I have put together some activities for. Some are free and others paid.

What's this book about?
This story is about a seagull called Chip who loves to eat chips of any kind. Then one day because of his increasingly rude and aggressive chip searching behaviour there are no more chips. In order to get past his hunger and eating again Chip rounds up some other seagulls to put on an airshow.


Teaching notes are available from Kylie Howarth's website by CLICKING HERE.

HOT Reading Comprehension Activities by Ripper Reading Resources
Cost: $7 (USD)
A very comprehensive activity pack with 50 pages written by an Australian teacher. Well worth buying to have everything in one pack and it relates directly to the story.


How It's Made...French Fries
By Discovery/Science Channel

A really good documentary showing the process of making chips. It would be good to follow this up with a procedural task to gauge how well students understand the process.

Anchor Chart 
By Tammy Ferrell @ 1...2...3...Teach With Me (website was showing as expired so I have linked to another one which featured this chart)

This anchor chart could easily be used with any book but I particularly liked the format for using with Chip.

Problem and Solution 
By Fourth and Ten

Cost: Free (but you will need a TPT account to download)

This could be used with the class to look at what Chip's problem was and how he solved it in the story. I think though it would be beneficial to then have students complete how else Chip could have solved the problem (without involving an aerial display with his friends).

This is How You Make It
By Lisa Lilienthal
Cost: $5 USD

I really like the way these pages are set up. For this particular book you will probably only use a few pages but I feel that the investment is well worth it to have this pack as a whole for general teaching in the classroom.

Use to record the steps of how chips are made in the documentary detailed above.


A Sea Gull: Origami
By Fumiaki Shingu

I found this one on Pinterest.

The instructions are really good but I do encourage you to complete at least one yourself before attempting to teach the students! These would make a fantastic display in a classroom or library - just add a chip....or display them in flying formation!

Seagulls: Directed Drawing
By Colorditty

Cost: 99c USD

I love directed drawings as they remind me of those "How to draw...." books I had as a kid. The other benefit is that it gives kids a chance to have a go at drawing something new....even if they think they're a "bad drawer". Encourage some individualism when it comes to the background and you will find you get a variety of artwork based on the initial seagulls.

This one does include the step-by-step instructions as well so it could work as a sub-plan.

Paper Plate Seagull
By Local Fun for Kids

I just love this guy! I love the low need of prep materials for this activity. Once finished I would have each student draw their favourite food and attach it to the wing tips so it looks like their seagull is holding their food. The of course display them!

Website includes instructions for making.


By Gail Gibbons

If you haven't read a Gail Gibbons' book then you really should start now. Her books are great for integrating informational/non-fiction texts into EAL lessons. The science approach is great and students always seem to take a lot away from her books. 

I had wanted to include some type of resource about why we shouldn't feed wild animals but was unable to locate anything suitable. If you know of a resource let me know in the comments below!

Want more ideas for using Book Week 2017 books in your classroom or library?

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