Gary: Teaching Ideas

In need of activities to go with the book Gary by Leila Rudge?
Look no further!

Gary is shortlisted in the Book Week 2017 category of Early Childhood books.

What's it about?
Meet Gary.

Gary lives with a bunch of racing pigeons who get to see the world. However, when the other pigeons race Gary stays at home because he can't fly. Instead he creates a scrapbook based on everything the other pigeons discuss when they get home.

Then one day Gary falls into the basket...and has to find his way home.
Title: Teaching Notes/Guide
Author: Walker Books
Cost: FREE

Click the banner above to download the teaching notes free from Walker Books' website.

Title: Gary: HOT Reading Comprehension Resources
Author: Ripper Reading Resources
Cost: $7

The resource includes the following activities:- Making Connections- Gary - Character Traits
Questioning – 5W and 1H
de Bono’s thinking hats
Summarising- Word work - vocabulary development and synonyms- 4H reading strategy – posters, bookmarks, question sort
KWL - pigeons
Pigeons – True, Maybe, False- Writing activities – Lost Posters, Postcards from Gary, Newspaper reports, Speech bubbles (first and second-hand accounts)
Interactive Notebook Pages- Facts about pigeons- Persuasive texts- City recounts and descriptions- Companion Texts for Text Sets to support "Gary" by Leila Rudge- Maze - help Gary find his way back to the racing pigeons in the loft.

Title: Sammy Seagull Travels
Author: Brainy Apples
Cost: Free (but you need a TPT account to download)

I would change it to a pigeon to suit using with Gary. Would be excellent to do this at the beginning of a year but otherwise do it as an ongoing activity from Book Week until the end of the year.
Title: Mapping Unit
Author:  Just a Primary Girl
Cost: $4.50 USD

A great little unit for basic maps and mapping focusing on streets - includes some great beginner's activities. Worthwhile to use as the students could create their own map of Gary's journey after doing the activities.

Title: Geometry Activity Project
Author: Upper LMNtary
Cost: $5.00 USD

This is better for upper primary (grade 5-7). Much more challenging and incorporates the needs of specific angles. Would make creating a map for Gary more math focused.

Title: Ma communauté (Mapping Skills)
Author: Peg Swift French Immersion
Cost: $6 USD

If you teach in France or have French-speaking students then this is the mapping pack to buy. Lots of activities aimed at beginner level that would work well to use with the story.

Title: Pigeon Paper Dissection
Author: Biology Buff
Cost: $2.50 USD

This is one for older students (maybe grade 5 up - depending on your students). A diagram of the anatomy of a pigeon as well as some comprehension questions.

Title: Paper Pigeon Craft
Author: Artists Helping Children
Cost: FREE

More suited for the grade 3-5 range due to some tricky folds. You can download the template for free by clicking the picture.
Title: Origami Pigeon
Author: Alf Kids Station
Cost: FREE to view via YouTube

Great for incorporating with procedural/instructional activities. This is a very simple origami pigeon which would look great folded and then put up on display either with a recount, procedure or descriptive writing passage.

I found it quite difficult locating resources to use with this book as most pigeon activities revolve around the Mo Willems' books. 



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