Left & Right: Book Review

Left & Right by Lorna Hendry - A book about the history, vocabulary and other odd facts. Read the review on Miss Jenny's ClassroomLeft and right – how much thought have you ever put into thinking about which hand you use, which leg you use? Explore the meaning behind the words, the strange history of handedness, and some facts that will make you sit back and wonder.

Title: Left & Right
Author: Lorna Hendry
ISBN: 9781742034430          Language: English

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: directions, facts, history

What’s it about?
Left and Right. This non-fiction book begins by looking at how people can mix-up the two directions before it delves into the origins of the vocabulary and the meaning behind the words. What follows is an extraordinary series of information facts about left and right from the weather, to animals, to perspective.

This is mostly a collection of organised facts that hop from one aspect to another in a logical manner. A range of illustrations and photographs have been included.

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Left & Right by Lorna Hendry - Buy thebook todayMy Thoughts
Nominated in the short list for the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books for the CBCA’s Book Week 2018. From the cover I actually thought this book was going to be about directions and navigating so I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t. This book is a collection of facts about left and right and I guarantee you will learn something when you read it – who knew there was such as thing as Sinistrophobia?

Anyway, the book discusses the ambiguous nature of the words and how depending on what and where you are – will depend on what’s left and what’s right. It also explores the history behind using left and right hands and how left-handedness was once very much deemed as being ‘evil’ or ‘cursed’ – something that Carole Wilkinson explored in her Dragonkeeper novels with the lead character, Ping, being left-handed. I found the facts about animals being left and right handed strangely fascinating and something I had never thought about – I could see an animal behaviour observation task being incorporated for students to research after reading this book.

Overall, I found this a fascinating book. If you have students who like the Believe It Or Not series then I think they’ll love this as well.

Lorna Hendry - author of Left & Right.

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