9 Weeks of Educational Gifts: Week 5

This week I wanted to look at not just an experience gift but a potentially life saving gift as well.

Peck Peck Peck: Book Review

Woodpecker learns how to peck from his dad and now he goes forth into the world to...peck anything and everything he can!

9 Weeks of Educational Gifts: Week 4

It's that time of the week again to showcase another educational gift idea! This week I am focusing on an experience gift that could be used for an entire family - or just the kids (if you're the parent/s).

9 Weeks of Educational Gifts: Week 3

This post is also going to focus on some wooden toys (because I love quality and wooden toys do appear to last better and longer...even with destructive toddlers!) that encourage children to interact with the toy.

Ten Cents A Pound: Book Review

I work hard to earn to show you the world beyond the mountains; it's where your future begins.

9 Weeks of Educational Gifts: Week 2

Gifts that encourage the development of fine motor skills, problem solving, and recognition. 

The Girl Who Said Sorry: Book Review

The Girl Who Said Sorry by Hayoung Kim. Read the book review at Miss Jenny's Classroom

A girl. A confused girl. You encourage me...then warn me...then encourage me...then warn me...I get confused and so I say sorry. Why should I apologise when my actions do not harm anyone else and I'm just being me?