Peck Peck Peck: Book Review

Woodpecker learns how to peck from his dad and now he goes forth into the world to...peck anything and everything he can!

Title: Peck Peck Peck
Author: Lucy Cousins
ISBN: 9781406365177
Format: Board Book
Pages: 32

Classification: Fiction
Themes: woodpeckers, rhymes

What's it about?
A young woodpecker goes out for the day and finds lots of things to peck at.

The text rhymes and it has a really bouncing beat to read along to. The bright and colourful illustrations, combined with the pecked "holes" in the pages, makes the book fun, interactive, and engaging.

He's a little destructive without consequence.

My Thoughts...Use It
When my daughter first picked this book I must admit it didn't appeal to me. It was actually her Granddad that first read her the book and she was hooked on it.

The main character is a delightful little woodpecker who learns how to peck and then takes it to the extreme to see what else he can peck holes in. From food and clothes to furniture and products - nothing stops this little guy trying out his pecking power.

The book has a bit of a theme on most pages, such as a bathroom, washing line etc. that I found after reading the rhyme on the left page there was a lot to chat about with my 3-year-olds in regards to the right-page (though my daughter was annoyed that the woodpecker didn't eat the whole of each jellybean).
I can see this being a great book for developing readers - that young age when they are interested in looking and pointing out features in a book (about age 2-4 especially). 

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