Rhyming Dust Bunnies: Book Review

The dust bunnies learn about words that rhyme...along with one or two that don't rhyme when Bob tries to tell them something very important!

Australia Illustrated: Book Review

Australia brought to you in...picture form. Explore the things that make each Australian state special.

Invisible Jerry: Book Review

Jerry feels invisible. No one ever sees him...that is until someone special comes along.

Wild Buildings and Bridges: Book Review


Nature designs - People copy. Take a look at how architects are inspired by the world around them when looking for unique concepts to solve problems.

Girl with the Dragon Heart: Book Review

Can Silkie, a girl with a knack for telling stories that works at a little chocolate shop, find out the secrets of the fairies before it is too late?

If I Die Before I Wake: Book Review

Sleep. It lasts longer than the average person for those cursed. A chance encounter - will it end forever?

The People Awards: Book Review

History is full of people who saw something and then decided to do something about it. Come and met a collection of 50 individuals whose thoughts, ideas, inventions, and accomplishments changed the world.

The Princess Curse: Book Review

A curse for only a princess, or two, or twelve. Reveka knows something strange is going on with the 12 princesses and she is determined to solve the mystery and win the reward to fulfill her own dreams.

Golden Curse: Book Review

A curse. A hidden identity. A dangerous love.

Bug Lab for Kids: Book Review

Bug Lab. Enter the exciting world of entomology. From how to catch, observe, and keep specimens.

My Storee: Book Review

My storee is this: "Just because you can't spell, doesn't mean you can't write".

Step into Magic: Book Review

Shoes that will decide the fate of a kingdom at war. Friendships will be questioned; loyalties will be difficult to determine. And in the middle is Karina - a girl with no idea about the world she has landed in.

Power to the Princess: Book Review

Power to the girls by changing the way traditional tales are solved. Forget about Prince Charming; these girls take the power to make their own destiny.

Undertow: Book Review

Eila has her world turned upside down in an instant. Suddenly nothing and nobody is what they seem. Worse still is that she doesn't know what is coming for her or why.

Finding Granny: Book Review

Finding Granny - a story of losing and then finding someone you love due to a stroke. Read the book review at Miss Jenny's Classroom.Finding Granny. Edie's fun loving, snuggling, creative, awesome Granny isn't Granny anymore. Will she be able to find her Granny again with time?

Pom-Pom Pick-Up Activity

Pom-pom balls, mini-tongs, cups, and a bowl. An activity to develop fine motor skills with your preschooler.

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure: Book Review

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure by Sue Wickstead. Join Jay-Jay as he overcomes his fear to embark on a journey to island. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomAn island pirate adventure awaits Jay-Jay as he is invited to an island to entertain the children.

Tug of War: Book Review

A tug of war. Strength versus smarts. All Tortoise wanted was to make the already lovely sunny day perfect by making friends. He didn't expect to be turned down.

Nonni's Moon: Book Review

Nonni is far away. Nonni is on the other side of the world. Beanie misses her very much and wants to be in contact every day - how will she solve the dilemma?

The Starfish Talisman: Book Review

Starfish. Necklace. House on the hill. It all seems a little normal at first...and then it seems a bit strange...and then it seems just a little bit...well, terrifying!

Meet the Artist: Jenny Cooper

Jenny Cooper is the guest interviewee for this Meet the Artist post. She has won many awards for her work and has more than 70 books to her name.

Meet the Author: Glyn Harper

Glyn Harper, author of the recently published picture book 'My Grandfather's War', has kindly agreed to be our very first author interviewee! Glyn offers an intriguing insight into his writing process and thoughts.

National Parks of the USA: Book Review

National Parks might all be about preservation but each park is very unique. Come and explore some of the National Parks of the USA.

If all the World: Book Review

Loss. A little girl who adores her Grandad feels the loss when he passes but finds that he lives on in her through their special bond of memories, stories, and love.

Georgia O'Keeffe: Book Review

Georgia declared she would be an artist when she got older. She worked hard and before she knew it she was exhibiting her work and changing how people thought about art.

Astromouse: Book Review

Join Pip in Astromouse by Steve Smallman. A story of goal setting, determination and problem solving. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomPip sees a mouse in the moon one night and becomes determined to get to the moon and take a bite to see what it really tastes like.

Harriet Tubman: Book Review

Harriet Tubman's name has become synonymous with the American Underground Railway. She was a conductor on the line that helped former slaves find freedom and she never lost a single passenger.

35 Corks Art Studio: Meet the Artist

Brad is the man behind the art featured at 35 Cork Art Studio. Hailing from Tennessee, USA, come and find out what inspires him to draw!

My Grandfather's War: Book Review

Unpopular. One word sums up how many feel about the Vietnam War. But what about the men who risked their lives thinking they were doing the right thing? What about their family? A story of a granddaughter who wants to better understand her grandfather.

Teddy the Shelter Dog: Book Review

Teddy is a stray who loves his life. When he gets the chance to be part of a family he begins to see that life isn't so bad with others. But one night he runs away.

Teddy is a stray who loves his life. When he gets the chance to be part of a family he begins to see that life isn't so bad with others. But one night he runs away.

The Chalk Rainbow: Book Review

Black. It's a colour Zane can't stand but it's everywhere. Can a piece of chalk hold the key to helping him?

World Turtle Day 2018: Books To Read

Did you know that May 23rd is World Turtle Day?
No? That's okay - we've got you covered with a selection of books to read this year.

But I'm Using Them! The Battle of Marker Usage

It's the battle of control over the markers...There's only one thing left to do...Find a solution fast!

Grandad Mandela: Book Review

Apartheid. A belief that was dividing a country in two. But a man wanted it to end, a man who would be imprisoned for 27 years fighting peacefully to unite South Africa. That man was Nelson Mandela.

How to Catch a Mermaid: Book Review

Mermaid...Plan...Catch! We need a plan to catch a mermaid but she's very clever. Do you have some ideas to help us out?

The Colours of History: Book Review

Colour knowledge: Did you know pink was originally yellow? Do you know why royals wear purple? Unlock the mysteries of colours.

Grandma Forgets: Book Review

Grandma doesn't remember me but I remember all the great times we had together and I can remember that for both of us.

The Secret Diary of a Naughty Cat: Book Review

The Secret Diary of a Naughty Cat by Daniel Riding. Read the review today at Miss Jenny's ClassroomNaughty Cat here - I'm going to let you in on some secrets about us cats and our humans. Oh, and I'll give you some advice as well about how to be...well, a naughty cat!

Rodney Loses It!: Book Review

Rodney loves his pen, Penny! But when he sits down to draw one day he can't find her! Oh no, where can Penny be and will he find it before he...loses it!

Quaky Cat: Book Review

Quaky Cat (a tale of the 2010 Canterbury New Zealand Earthquake) by Diana Noonan and Gavin Bishop. Read about the book at Miss Jenny's Classroom.2010. New Zealand. Tiger is woken by the ground shaking and noises rumbling. He feels from his house and across the city as bricks fall, roads are swallowed up, and hides in a tree with other cats...but will he ever find his Emma and home again?

Scaredy Book: Book Review

Book's scared. Book likes his spot on Library's shelf. It's safe. He knows what's happening and where everything is but he wonders if he is actually missing out on something because he's too scared to be brave.

13Sparrows: Meet the Artist

13Sparrows has a reputation for high-quality graphics of wildlife. Hailing from Chicago, USA she has an extensive background in graphic illustration. 

Turn This Book Into A Beehive!: Book Review

Beehives...Bees...Think you know all there is to know? Think again! Learn about the bees and then have some fun with the experiments and activities.

Hide and Seek: Book Review

Their dog is missing. Poppy and Cy decide to play a game of hide and seek in the woods near their home. It's fun until Poppy can't seem to find Cy either.

The Bee Book: Book Review

Bee, Buzzing Bees: Think you know everything there is to know about the humble bee? Think again because this book has all the facts and nothing but the facts (including some I didn't know)!

Visiting You - A Journey of Love: Book Review

A girl and her mother are on a journey in order to visit you. Along the way, the girl strikes up conversations with some very different and unique people who all have a story to share if someone is willing to listen.

Ada Lovelace: Book Review

Ada loved to dream up new ideas even when those she cared about didn't agree with her. Then one day she met a man and she would be inspired to create something entirely new.

Clare's Goodbye: Book Review

Clare's Goodbye Book ReviewSaying goodbye can be the hardest thing especially when you're leaving the only home you've known. Rosie and Jacob are busy saying goodbye...but Clare decides she wants to say goodbye in a different way.

Fish-Boy - An Inuit Folk Tale: Book Review

Sea-parrots. A lot of sea-parrots. A boy asks the question: Why are there so many sea-parrots? A wise-man tells him the Inuit tale of the Fish-Boy to explain. 

Little Passports: Subscription Giveaway

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