Our Bookshelf 2018

What are your children reading this year? Need some ideas for toddlers? Click this way then!

So today my kids wanted to know just how many books they have read (or had read to them) and quite honestly I have no idea – many! I was an avid reader myself so I am pleased that both my 3 1/2 year old twins are likewise interested in reading…but they did pose a good question.

Out of curiosity (and starting today) I’m going to be documenting what books the kids each read, each night (I’ll try to remember day time books but I’m going to focus on the bed time books instead). Each night each of my kids can choose 2 books to have read to them before bed. It’s become part of the routine and I found 2 books to be a good balance for their attention span and length of books.

Each of my kids have a basket of books in their room – plus a few bookshelves full in our playroom they can choose from. In addition they both choose about 14 books each every time we visit the library. It’s really only been in the past couple of months they have started to request specific books. I have no rules about what they can or can’t read – so there are some books they will both read in one night.

Books we currently have ordered include Scarface Claw and Slinky Malinky books by Lynley Dodd and chicken books.


For example, tonight my son chose these:


And my daughter chose these:



At the end of each month I will do a list of what books they chose – but if you’d rather see it as we go I’ll post them each night to Instagram.

What do you think?