Celebrate With Zaza: Book Review

Celebrate with ZazaIt’s Rosie’s birthday and all her toy friends are there to celebrate along with Zaza…well all are there except Julia.

Title: Celebrate With Zaza / Zaza viert feest (Dutch)
Author: Mylo Freeman
Illustrator: Mylo Freeman
ISBN: 9781605373768          Language: English
ISBN: 9789044810851          Language: Dutch

Classification: Fiction
Themes: family, pretend play, celebrate

What’s it about?
Zaza’s toy Rosie is celebrating her birthday but Julia – one of the other toys is missing. Can it still be fun without Julia?

The illustrations are bold, bright, and simplistic. This matches the short simple sentences well to convey the story.

I guess there isn’t really a ‘point’ to the story.

Celebrate with Zaza BUYMy Thoughts
As a parent of 3 year old twins this book is a little young for them but would have been perfect 12 months ago. Having said that sometimes my kids just want to read a quick book and this book is certainly a good choice for that purpose.

Although this is a simple story  I could see my kids making instant connections with Zaza and Rosie (for my daughter it was her toy Green Cat and for my son it was Scruffy – a grey toy cat) with how they played together. This book is about how a young child can pretend play with her toys. How they set up a party and pretend to share, to give, to celebrate – all of which encouraging imagination use versus being entertained by something or someone else. Due to the easy language and storyline this book would be perfect if you were in need of a book for Text-to-Self activities – I think a high number of children do this type of play at some point – and mine are still doing it at 3 1/2.

Another positive is that because of the simple nature of this book it would be especially beneficial to ESL/ELL students in a preschool or childcare setting.

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Special thanks to Clavis Books and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book.

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