How To Display Artwork At Home

Display Artwork

As my kids are getting older one thing that has cropped up is: Where do I display all the artwork?

Display Artwork

With twins it means there is usually a lot (and let’s face it, when they go to childcare or occasional care places they use BIG A2 paper!) of artwork that comes home and needs to be on display. My daughter also has discovered a lot of colouring-in – so there’s even more. While I love that my kids are developing their creativity, colour knowledge, and fine motor skills it did lead to looking for a solution for the situation.

Originally (when the artwork was smaller) I was using my little fridge. That was fine…for a while. Once the paper got bigger though it would catch in the doors as they were opened, or fall off at random moments…and I’ll be honest – it started to look messy! Love the art but action was needed.

I turned my attention to a large blank wall. Well, not exactly blank – I have two canvas photo prints from when my children were babies. There is a reason though I never added anything else to the wall – the wall didn’t like it. I have limestone walls – lovely and solid – but they pose a few issues:

  • Coldness: if the walls get cold like where I live things such as Blu-Tac just don’t hold forever – and constantly resticking the pictures up is not how I want to spend my time!
  • Hardness: most walls in my house I can hammer in special hooks to hold but for some bizarre reason I can’t get them into the kitchen walls. The nails bend and object and it’s not worth the stress.
  • Walkway: my kitchen is a partial through way to the laundry (and subsequently back door). The means people are walking past these walls a lot3 x and if the back door is open a “lovely” breeze often whips around the corner.

Display Artwork 3M HooksWith those issues in mind I decided to have a dig through my teaching supplies and I spotted something – 3M hooks! In the classroom I used them all the time to hold stuff because often you are in a different classroom every year – so you needed to be able to remove your hooks ready to use again elsewhere.

I chose three of the large 3M hooks. I probably could have gotten away with medium ones but I like to be sure – so the large ones it was. With the hooks in hand I devised a plan…My own hanging display area!


  • 3 x Large 3M Picture Hooks
  • 4m (approx) of a braid
  • Some pegs

Display ArtworkI chose for the display to go across the wall and high enough that my children couldn’t reach to tug on anything. First up I stuck on the 3M hooks. In Hindsight I don’t think they were evenly placed (probably should have used a tape measure) but it still worked. I left the hooks for 24 hours to set.

That 24 hours then gave me the chance to search through my craft room. I found several metres of a plain black braid which I had purchased years ago to make something else but never did. I chose to tie bow knots at each far end so that I could adjust the Display Artwork at Hometension should one of the children bring home a heavier artwork. The middle hook (which incidentally I did first) I did a loop over loop so that it wasn’t tied with a knot – making it easy to remove.

Once the braid was up I had to scurry up some spare pegs (I haven’t found the ones I wanted to use but the ones I did find do the job!). And voilà – a display wall with my children’s artwork.

Thanks to a rather windy day today it even stood the test of a breeze and the children are happy and I’m happy.

Display ArtworkFeel free to share how you display artwork at home in the comments!


  1. March 2, 2018 / 6:23 am

    What a great idea! I should start displaying artwork in a more creative and visually appealing way like this. We’re running out of room on the fridge!

  2. March 3, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    This is a wonderful idea! I do this to display anchor charts in my classroom but never thought to do it for my own kids’ artwork at home. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. March 9, 2018 / 7:24 am

    Such a lovely and simple idea! I was handed another 4 pieces of paper that had been scribbled on last night… the pile is endless! Sim x

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