The Bee Book: Book Review

Bee, Buzzing Bees: Think you know everything there is to know about the humble bee? Think again because this book has all the facts and nothing but the facts (including some I didn't know)!

Visiting You - A Journey of Love: Book Review

A girl and her mother are on a journey in order to visit you. Along the way, the girl strikes up conversations with some very different and unique people who all have a story to share if someone is willing to listen.

Ada Lovelace: Book Review

Ada loved to dream up new ideas even when those she cared about didn't agree with her. Then one day she met a man and she would be inspired to create something entirely new.

Clare's Goodbye: Book Review

Clare's Goodbye Book ReviewSaying goodbye can be the hardest thing especially when you're leaving the only home you've known. Rosie and Jacob are busy saying goodbye...but Clare decides she wants to say goodbye in a different way.