Baby Bird: Book Review

Baby Bird by Andrew Gibbs. Book review by Miss Jenny's Classroom. Baby Bird can't wait to learn to fly like his siblings...but one of his wings is shorter than the other. Determined not to let it stop him he decides to be persistent!Baby Bird can’t wait to learn to fly like his siblings…but one of his wings is shorter than the other. Determined not to let it stop him he decides to be persistent!

Title: Baby Bird
Author: Andrew Gibbs
Illustrator: Zosienka
ISBN: 9781786030122          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: persistence, additional needs/disability, friendship

Baby Bird by Andrew Gibbs - sample page to show the beautiful illustrations in this fantastic book. Read more at Miss Jenny's Classroom

What’s it about?
Baby Bird is a little bird with a determined streak. Born with one wing shorter and smaller than the other he is determined to learn to fly like his siblings. Persistent –  he tries, tries, and tries again – a then finds a friend to help him see that there are many ways to achieve a goal.

This is a story with a very clear beginning, middle, and end. Baby Bird is a great character showing a range of emotions during his journey to learn how to fly. The illustrations by Zosienka (can you believe it’s her debut book?) are just gorgeous, they’re bright, colourful, engaging, and really bring the story to life.

Nope, not today.

My Thoughts
It was the cover that I was drawn immediately to with this book but then I read the description and thought – yep, need to read this one. This books could so easily have been what I describe as “wrapped up with a pretty bow” – basically having that wonderful, happy ending despite to not really being likely in real life – thanks to the author, Andrew Gibbs, this book’s storylines sets it apart from others.

Baby Bird really wants to learn how to fly – he sees the other birds flying and isn’t about to let his smaller, twisted wing stop him from flying! So off he flies…and hits the ground. Not one to be defeated by failure, Baby Bird tries and tries again and is spotted by a goose called Cooter. Cooter is the ultimate friend who encourages Baby Bird to follow his dream of flying but also teaches him that sometimes we need to modify the way we look at that dream or goal.

This is a book I would be definitely using at the beginning of the year purely because of the message. Yes, you need goals but sometimes there are barriers and sometimes you need to work around those barriers to get where you are going in a different way. I feel many children would be able to relate to Baby Bird failing to achieve his goal the first, second, third…time – whether they have a disability or not – and that’s what makes this an accessible book for a mainstream classroom, specialist classroom, or a homeschooling family.

Website link to illustrator Zosienka's site. She illustrated the beautiful book Baby Bird by Andrew Gibbs. Released March 2018.

Special thanks to Quarto Publishing Group (Lincoln Children’s Books) and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of the book.

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