Banana For Two: Book Review

Banana For Two - Counting Book reviewCounting is an important skill. Learning to count and correspond that counting is another important skill. How can you teach this to your child and when?

Title: Banana For Two
Series: Small Talk Books®
Author: Ellen Mayer
Illustrator: Ying-Hwa Hu
ISBN: 9781595727886         Language: English

Banana for Two Spanish BUYTitle: Banana para dos          ISBN: 978-1595727992          Language: Spanish / español

Classification: Fiction
Themes: counting, life skills, identification

What’s it about?
A mother and child are in the supermarket buying their groceries. As they find what they need the mother indicates if it is 1 or 2. Her child joins in and sometimes asks for ‘more’ but that depends if they need more.

The language in this book is simple and easy to understand; it conveys mathematical concepts of counting and 1-0n-1 correspondence well. The illustrations are stunning – they have a rather soft dream-like appearance.

Nope, can’t think of anything here.

Banana for Two - English BUYMy Thoughts
What a beautiful book to give as a present! No really, if you know someone with a new baby to about age 3 then this is an educational gift that will keep giving. On face value this is a lovely book to sit down and read for pleasure without worrying about the mathematics. I really appreciated the lovely attention to detail the illustrator has shown – while this book focuses on a mother and child in the background a father and daughter are also shopping.

The mathematical concepts dealt with in the book includes basic counting (1, 2) which is what most kids start with once speech kicks in. This book goes a step further by telling and showing what 1 is, what 2 is – in educational settings we call this 1-on-1 correspondence – this is where a child understands what 1 actually is – 1 banana.

With the book based in a supermarket I feel it also shows how early learning begins with children. For some reading this you might be thinking: But isn’t that obvious? It sounds obvious but I have taught many children who couldn’t do basic counting, let alone correspondence once they started at school – so if you’re a parent who isn’t sure how to teach your child – this book can get you on the path.

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Ying-Hwa Hu Web Link

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