On the Way to Nana’s: Book Review

On The Way To Nana's by Frances and Lindsay Haji-Ali and illustrated by David Hardy.. A journey across the Kimberley in Australia.Take a journey across the Kimberley and join the family counting down on their way to Nana’s.

Title: On the Way to Nana’s
Author: Frances Haji-Ali and Lindsay Haji-Ali
Illustrator: David Hardy
ISBN: 9781925360301          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: counting, Australia

What’s it about?
A family is heading out on the long journey across the Kimberley to see their Nana. As they are on their journey they count down different objects and other things they see from 15 until they reach 1 when they arrive to visit Nana.

This story contains a simple rhyming schema that is easy enough for young children to quickly pick up on and repeat as you read. The illustrations are simply stunning and really do give a sense of Australia.

I thought there would be more.

On The Way To Nana's by Frances and Lindsay Haji-Ali and illustrated by David Hardy.My Thoughts
This book was listed in the CBCA Book Week 2018 notable books.

The cover of this book instantly grabs the attention and the illustrations within are vivid and full of life. In terms of introducing your students to the Kimberley region and the landscape of Australia this would be a great book to use. For grade 2 students they could also analyse the constructed, managed, and natural features depicted in the books.

The text is simple…for me though it is too simple. I love rhyming books but I really felt that there was something ‘more’ missing from this book. I was a bit disappointed at the brevity of text on each page and wonder if an extra couple of lines describing the places in more detail may have filled the void. Of course, if you teacher reception/foundation students then the simplicity will probably work really well to engage children in identifying the key rhyming words and chanting along to the story.

Overall, this book may or may not work for your class. It will largely depend on the literacy needs of the students and the goals of your lesson.

David Hardy - illustrator - website link

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