Ten Sheep to Sleep: Book Review

Ten Sheep to Sleep - Counting Book ReviewCounting ten striped sheep to go to sleep is just perfect for Sammy Jo. So what’s a girl to do when ten spotted sheep gatecrash and want to be counted too?

Title: Ten Sheep to Sleep
Author: Nidhi Kamra
Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
ISBN: 9781616338602          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: counting, skip-counting, problem-solving

What’s it about?
Sammy Jo has a bedtime routine. She counts her ten striped sheep and then she goes to sleep – it works every time. Then one night ten more sleep turn up because they’re out of a job with the neighbour next door. The problem is Sammy Jo doesn’t need another ten sleep to count to go to sleep.

This story has a clear beginning, middle, end, and purpose. The story flows from one page to the next very well and keeps the momentum going.

Nothing to read here.

Ten Sheep to Sleep BUYMy Thoughts
This book was actually longer than I expected. When I first read the description I immediately thought it would be another counting book with a sentence on each page but was pleasantly surprised to find that this book is more than that. Sammy Jo is certainly a character that is likeable. She has a routine with her striped sheep and counts to ten each night; when she is posed with the problem of ten spotted sheep she attempts to resolve it. Her suggestions however to resolve the issue are quite funny – she suggests different family members they could go to but each one already has something else they count with – such as superheroes, bags and racecars. It’s then, after a bit of thought, that Sammy Jo comes up with a solution – to count them by 2s – and it works perfectly.

In the classroom this has a two-fold benefit. For students still learning to count to ten you can do activities that focus on one-on-one correspondence. For students who are already beyond this they can focus on skip-counting beginning with 2s and working on from there. Personally though I recommend this also for homeschooling parents and parents of toddlers. For perspective my 3 year old daughter can already count to 100 and can show her understanding the concept of 1. In comparison my 3 year old son is still developing his counting to 10 and still learning the concept of 1. So for me at this point this book is already a great go-to for teaching and learning.

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