Book Week 2018: Short List – Book of the Year Early Childhood

This is the short-list for the books nominated in the CBCA Book Week 2018: Find Your Treasure…As always I have broken the posts down into their categories to help you find what you need starting with the Early Childhood books.

Book of the Year: Early Childhood   * will be updated as I review the books*


Title: Boy
Author: Phil Cummings
Illustrator: Shane Devries

ISBN: 9781760277055

Boy couldn’t hear the loud crashing, banging, and yelling – so it never bothered him. Then one day Boy finds himself in the middle of the King, the knights, and the dragon. But how can a boy that people don’t understand help in a matter that is about lack of communication?


I'm Australian Too by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh


Title: I’m Australian Too
Author: Mem Fox
Illustrator: Ronojoy Ghosh

ISBN: 9781760276218

A rhyming book that looks at where people have come from that now call Australia home. It looks briefly at reasons for some people to have left their country and come to Australia as well as refugees in detention camps.



Hark, It's Me, Ruby Lee by Lisa Shanahan and illustrated by Binny. Read the review at Miss Jenny's Classroom


Title: Hark, It’s Me, Ruby Lee
Author: Lisa Shanahan
Illustrator: Binny

ISBN: 9781921894848

Ruby-Lee loves helping but most of all she wants to be chosen by her teacher, Mrs Majestic-Jones, to be the classroom messenger. Her best friend, George Papadopoulos, decides to give her some advice to help her be chosen…but it means Ruby-Lee will need to be a lot quieter.


Rodney Loses It! by Michael Gerard Bauer and illustrated by Chrissie Krebs. Rodney loses his favourite pen, Penny! Will he find her in time to draw? Read the review at Miss Jenny's Classroom.


Title: Rodney Loses It!
Author: Michael Gerard Bauer
Illustrator: Chrissie Krebs

ISBN: 9781742991900

Rodney is a rabbit who just loves to draw. He draws in the day and he draws at night (and even sometimes when he’s asleep). Then one day disaster strikes – his favourite pen, Penny…goes missing! Rodney searches up high and down low, on things and under things, but Penny just can’t be found!



Title: The Second Sky
Author: Patrick Guest
Illustrator: Jonathan Bentley

ISBN: 9781760127985

The first thing Gilbert sees when he hatches from his egg is the sky. It is love at first sight and from that moment on Gilbert longs to fly like other birds.

But Penguins don’t fly, they waddle, and so begins Gilbert’s quest to find his place in the world.

Great things happen when you reach for the sky.


Title: The Very Noisy Baby
Author: Alison Lester
Illustrator: Alison Lester

ISBN:  9781925475616

Here is the story of a very noisy baby.

She could bellow like a buffalo
And roar like a lion
And howl like a wolf for a very long time.

The baby loves to make all kinds of sounds. She’s really very loud.
But when some animals in the town go missing, can the very noisy baby help?

Find out in this wonderfully boisterous story, full of action, fun (and noise!).

What do you think?