Papa Sky: Book Review

Papa Sky by Jane Jolly and Sally HeinrichUp in the clouds Papa Sky enjoys spending his days shaping clouds and sending them on their way…until he is knocked from the sky.

Title: Papa Sky
Author: Jane Jolly
Illustrator: Sally Heinrich
ISBN: 9781925227291          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: clouds, beliefs, connections

What’s it about?
Papa Sky loves to play with clouds. He sends the clouds off in patterns and wiggles; he has so much fun! He’s having fun that is until he falls out of the sky and into the land below the clouds. The animals know that Papa Sky belong up there in the clouds but they also know they will need to work together if he is to return home.

The text contains a surprising mix of vocabulary – simple and complex words and sentences are included. Also included are onomatopoeia words to give the story a bit of movement. The illustrations are delightful – colourful but with a touch of whimsy.

The story doesn’t have a lot of depth.

Papa Sky by Jane Jolly. Buy the book today. Click here!My Thoughts
Nominated in CBCA Book Week 2018 Notables List for Picture Book of the Year. Admittedly, I didn’t find this book as engaging as I did One Step at a Time – a collaboration with the same team. To me this book lacked a bit of purpose, depth, and direction. It’s a fun story with lovely illustrations – it just doesn’t stand out to me.n the

Papa Sky is a happy-go-lucky character who clearly loves his job. The animals are charming and show great teamwork to solve the dilemma.

The varied vocabulary is definitely a positive for this book and this makes it useful for some grades. The text is very whimsical and descriptive – so this one could be used to explore word choice and also to how it helps to create pictures in students’ own minds. This in turn can then be linked into art tasks.

The other aspect that could be useful is that the story has a very traditional tale feel to it. I don’t know if it was based on a “long ago tale” but it would definitely be useful for comparison. In this respect it is also an easy to digest book for ESL/ELL students as the concept is quite straight forward in terms of understanding the key events.

And not to forget with science – if using with the younger students it would fit the curriculum for studying weather patterns (clouds).

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