Turn This Book Into A Beehive!: Book Review

Beehives...Bees...Think you know all there is to know? Think again! Learn about the bees and then have some fun with the experiments and activities.

Title: Turn This Book Into A Beehive!
Author: Lynn Brunelle
Illustrator: Anna-Maria Jung
ISBN: 9781523501410          Language: English

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: cause and effect, human impact

What's it about?
This is a non-fiction book that looks at bees in detail. The book is divided into seven sections:
  1. Help the Bees Help the World!
  2. Bee Smart
  3. The ABC's of Bees
  4. Plant Power
  5. Meet the Mason Bee
  6. If You Build It, They Will Come
  7. Say Hi to the Honeybee
The facts are mixed in with scientific diagrams and illustrations. Complementary experiments and activities are also included.

This is an information book and it has a lot of information about bees. Intermingled in with the information are both cute little bees as well as scientific diagrams - all of which work well together.

Not for the person who wants to read it in a few minutes! Itty bitty pity that it focuses on US bees - mason bees specifically - but it's still fascinating (hint, hint - an Aussie version too please???).

My Thoughts
I reviewed The Bee Book a few weeks back which was perfect for younger readers when this book came across my desk. Turn This Book Into A Beehive! is a much more comprehensive book than I initially thought it would be. I'll be honest - I'm not sure I can see too many younger kids picking up the book despite the cute illustrations mainly because this book has a LOT of information. The people I see reaching for this one are teachers!

"...delves into great detail about their life, habits, importance, beehive homes, and place in the food-web."

This book not only looks at bees vs wasps and individual bee species, but also delves into great detail about their life, habits, importance, beehive homes, and place in the food-web. Not only that but this book includes many experiments and activities to learn more about bees. The instructions for these are clear and easy to follow and look like so much fun!

Overall, if you're a science teacher, or a casual, looking to expand your knowledge and have some easy experiments at hand then this is ideal. Also perfect for the homeschooling parent...or in my case, an older brother obsessed with bees!

Special thanks to Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley
for providing me with a free advance copy.

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