Kookaburras Love To Laugh: Book Review

Kookaburras Love to Laugh. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomOne kookaburra isn’t like the others. Fed up with the other kookaburras jokes he goes to find other birds to live with.

Title: Kookaburras Love to Laugh
Author: Laura Bunting
Illustrator: Philip Bunting
ISBN: 9781742769660          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: humour, kookaburras

What’s it about?
This is the story of a kookaburra that doesn’t laugh. He’s different from the other kookaburras that he lives with and his interests (which include playing the violin and reading a newspaper) make the other kookaburras nervous. The other kookaburras band together to try and get him to laugh but thinking they’re all foolish he flies away to find other birds to live with.

The font is large and so easy to read in this book. The story is simple and includes other Australian birds. The illustrations are clear.

There is a poo joke. Why is there a full stop at the end of the title?

Kookaburras Love to Laugh. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomMy Thoughts
There are a lot of picture books out there that have Australian animals and so I’ve reached the point that there needs to be something really engaging about a book to get my attention – and this one just didn’t have it.

“The story does include an Aussie theme…”

I was interested in the story to begin with and it was interesting watching the others try to make him laugh but I never connected to the main character. The story does include an Aussie theme including cultural references to ‘Salvos’ though even here the book sends a mixed message. I mean, this kookaburra is different and his mates eventually come to realise that they miss him for being him but why then do they feel like they have to completely change by donating all their costumes/joke stuff? I don’t know, the journey of meeting another birds and then realising he does like to laugh seemed very empty overall.

And there were was the poo joke and that sealed the book’s fate for me. I was discussing just the other day with a fellow teacher and blogger how we were both over “poo and wee jokes” in picture books. I know they appeal to some readers and in the correct context I think they’re fine but this book is a classic example of it being unnecessary. It added nothing to the story and felt tacked on in the last couple of pages.

I’m not sure if I liked the illustrations or not. They were different but too flat for my taste and the bland backgrounds just didn’t appeal.

So overall, this book was not for me.

Laura Bunting - author - Website link
Philip Bunting- author and illustrator. Visit the website


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