Finding Granny: Book Review

Finding Granny - a story of losing and then finding someone you love due to a stroke. Read the book review at Miss Jenny's Classroom.Finding Granny. Edie's fun loving, snuggling, creative, awesome Granny isn't Granny anymore. Will she be able to find her Granny again with time?

Pom-Pom Pick-Up Activity

Pom-pom balls, mini-tongs, cups, and a bowl. An activity to develop fine motor skills with your preschooler.

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure: Book Review

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure by Sue Wickstead. Join Jay-Jay as he overcomes his fear to embark on a journey to island. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomAn island pirate adventure awaits Jay-Jay as he is invited to an island to entertain the children.

Tug of War: Book Review

A tug of war. Strength versus smarts. All Tortoise wanted was to make the already lovely sunny day perfect by making friends. He didn't expect to be turned down.

Nonni's Moon: Book Review

Nonni is far away. Nonni is on the other side of the world. Beanie misses her very much and wants to be in contact every day - how will she solve the dilemma?

The Starfish Talisman: Book Review

Starfish. Necklace. House on the hill. It all seems a little normal at first...and then it seems a bit strange...and then it seems just a little bit...well, terrifying!

Meet the Artist: Jenny Cooper

Jenny Cooper is the guest interviewee for this Meet the Artist post. She has won many awards for her work and has more than 70 books to her name.

Meet the Author: Glyn Harper

Glyn Harper, author of the recently published picture book 'My Grandfather's War', has kindly agreed to be our very first author interviewee! Glyn offers an intriguing insight into his writing process and thoughts.

National Parks of the USA: Book Review

National Parks might all be about preservation but each park is very unique. Come and explore some of the National Parks of the USA.

If all the World: Book Review

Loss. A little girl who adores her Grandad feels the loss when he passes but finds that he lives on in her through their special bond of memories, stories, and love.

Georgia O'Keeffe: Book Review

Georgia declared she would be an artist when she got older. She worked hard and before she knew it she was exhibiting her work and changing how people thought about art.

Astromouse: Book Review

Join Pip in Astromouse by Steve Smallman. A story of goal setting, determination and problem solving. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomPip sees a mouse in the moon one night and becomes determined to get to the moon and take a bite to see what it really tastes like.

Harriet Tubman: Book Review

Harriet Tubman's name has become synonymous with the American Underground Railway. She was a conductor on the line that helped former slaves find freedom and she never lost a single passenger.