Astromouse: Book Review

Join Pip in Astromouse by Steve Smallman. A story of goal setting, determination and problem solving. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomPip sees a mouse in the moon one night and becomes determined to get to the moon and take a bite to see what it really tastes like.

Title: Astromouse
Series: Storytime
Author: Steve Smallman
Illustrator: Steve Smallman
ISBN: 9781682973813          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: problem solving, imagination, persistance

What's it about?Pip is watching the moon with his mother one night when he sees a mouse in the moon. He asks his mother a lot of questions about the moon and if he can live on it. In order to get to the moon to taste a bit and maybe even live there, Pip tries many different ideas.

This book has a lovely clear font for reading and it has font changes (style, size, shape) to indicate emphasis. The story is well paced and the illustrations work well with the text.


Join Pip in Astromouse by Steve Smallman. A story of goal setting, determination and problem solving. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomMy Thoughts
This book is due to be released on June 21st 2018. I must admit, when I see books about mice I do shudder a little. Where I come from they are most certainly a pest and this year is probably set to be pretty bad plague-wise going by how many we've caught already! But still, despite my dislike of "...the furry critters this is a lovely story.

On the surface many might think that Astromouse is just a "nice" bedtime story but there are some subtle themes running through the book. The most prominent of these is the character of Pip with both his problem solving and persistence.

In terms of problem solving, Pip's mother does show him during the story that to get to the moon he would need a rocket like an astronaut (thus the title Astromouse). However, it is Pip that decides what he is going to try and have a go at to reach his goal.

"...ideal for use in the classroom at the beginning of the school year..."

Likewise with his persistence, Pip doesn't give up on the idea of going to the moon even after he has a couple of failed attempts (such as running up the biggest hill and building a rocket). Because Pip tries again and again this would would be ideal for use in the classroom at the beginning of the school year when you start discussing about persistent behaviour or "bouncing back".

Homeschoolers and parents can also embrace this book for taking the thinking out of the teaching by providing a full page of discussion questions and thoughts at the back of the book.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book and my kids did love it as well. An interesting side note is that the only two characters in the book were Pip and his mother so my kids enjoyed that aspect particularly to make Text-to-World connection being that I am a solo mum.

Steve Smallman - Author and Illustrator. Why not visit his website today or read reviews of his books at Miss Jenny's Classroom


  1. This is very cute. I love that the theme includes problem solving, as it's a good life skill for kids to learn x

  2. Oh this looks like a lovely book! What kind of age range would you say it's best for?

  3. Hi Lauren, well my almost 4-year-olds enjoyed it but I think the age that would benefit the most from the concepts would be 5-7 years - although it would be suitable for older children who struggle with comprehension or need a bit of inspiration! Hope that helps xo

  4. motherhoodtherealdeal5 June 2018 at 05:09

    This sounds like such a lovely book my daughter is just turning five and it sounds like something she would hugely enjoy!

  5. Kirsty - Winnettes (@winnettes_)5 June 2018 at 05:51

    I like the sound of this book. I am a mouse fan and would have them as pets, I've only ever had their larger counter parts as pests ;) I think this has some valuable lessons in the plot x x

  6. 🤣🤣 We’ve caught 6 of their larger counterparts this year alone which I’ve never had to deal with before. Given the choice - I’d rather deal with a mouse!

  7. I love this! My daughter is only 5 months so would probably eat it but I teach drama to 4-6 year olds and I think they would love this, especially the problem solving and creativity

  8. Problem solving skills are so important - totally agree that it would be perfect to read at the start of the school year! Sounds like a lovely book x

  9. This sounds like something my little boy would love, he really enjoys books about problem solving - especially when he figures out what the characters should do first!xx

  10. This sounds like a lovely little book. My son quite enjoys the few story books we have featuring mice so I'm sure he'd like this one too.

  11. Steph @ Renovation Bay-Bee6 June 2018 at 13:56

    Sounds like a cute book, I like the idea of showing kids problem solving. Such a important life skill