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Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure: Book Review

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure by Sue Wickstead. Join Jay-Jay as he overcomes his fear to embark on a journey to island. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomAn island pirate adventure awaits Jay-Jay as he is invited to an island to entertain the children.

Title: Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure
Series: Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus : 2
Author: Sue Wickstead
ISBN: 9780993073717         Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Themes: buses, adventure, pirates

What's it about?This is the second book that follows Jay-Jay, a rescued bus from the scrapheap, as he brings joy to children as a playbus. In his book Jay-Jay is invited to an island but is nervous about going over the water amongst other things. He is brave and crosses to the island where he is greeted by many children who have never seen a double-decker bus before.

EmbraceBoth the text and illustrations are in keeping with the first book which helps with consistency. The adventure is fun-filled with humour and a good dash of dialogue.

BewareNothing here

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure by Sue Wickstead. Join Jay-Jay as he overcomes his fear to embark on a journey to island. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomMy ThoughtsThis is a solid follow-up the the first book in the series Jay-Jay the Supersonic BusThis book looks at the anxiety that can be felt when going or doing something new. In a lot of ways I think this book would be a great companion book to use with Scaredy Book to look at being brave and having courage. This pairing would also allow for Text-to-Text connections to be made in addition to Text-to-Self reflection activities. There is also the possibily of focusing on how Jay-Jay overcomes his misgivings to be brave and tie it in with the Feeling Scared activity I did a while back.

I think the appeal of the island and adventure in the one leans it towards catching the attention of boys. As with the first book this is longer than the average picture book but not a chapter book so it serves that inbetween period well and this book in particular I feel would work well in 1-on-1 settings with boys who struggle with reading.

While reading this book I remember that I really wanted to do a STEAM activity and have the students design a ferry that would need to hold a toy bus! A tub of water such as a baby bath or trough would work. This type of interactive activity would further support the underlying message in the book of teamwork, playing together, etc.

Of course, if your class is to have a pirate theme then this book would also be an ideal choice, partcularly in years 1-3. Perhaps the class could redesign Jay-Jay as a pirate for an art project?

Overall, an entertaining and well-written story to continue Jay-Jay's adventure.

Sue Wickstead - author of the Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus series. Website link

Special thanks to the author, Sue Wickstead, for providing me with a free copy.


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