Golden Curse: Book Review

A curse. A hidden identity. A dangerous love.

Bug Lab for Kids: Book Review

Bug Lab. Enter the exciting world of entomology. From how to catch, observe, and keep specimens.

My Storee: Book Review

My storee is this: "Just because you can't spell, doesn't mean you can't write".

Step into Magic: Book Review

Shoes that will decide the fate of a kingdom at war. Friendships will be questioned; loyalties will be difficult to determine. And in the middle is Karina - a girl with no idea about the world she has landed in.

Power to the Princess: Book Review

Power to the girls by changing the way traditional tales are solved. Forget about Prince Charming; these girls take the power to make their own destiny.

Undertow: Book Review

Eila has her world turned upside down in an instant. Suddenly nothing and nobody is what they seem. Worse still is that she doesn't know what is coming for her or why.