Bug Lab for Kids: Book Review

Bug Lab. Enter the exciting world of entomology. From how to catch, observe, and keep specimens.

Title: Bug Lab for Kids - Family-Friendly Activities for Exploring the Amazing World of Beetles, Butterflies, Spiders, and Other Arthropods
Author: John W. Guyton
ISBN: 9781631593543          Language: English

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: bugs, entomology, the scientific method

What's it about?
This is a detailed book that looks at how to develop an interest in entomology through the collection, study, and preservation of specimens. It focuses on the safety precautions needed to remain safe during collection, equipment and methods for catching specimens, techniques for study and recording details of specimens, and preserving methods of specimens.

This book has a logical progression of activities with practical advice. Includes stunning photographs to really show that kids can do these activities. Writing is clear and concise.


My Thoughts
I'm not sure what I was expecting when I first saw this book but what I do know is that it wasn't what I thought I was getting - I know, clear as mud, but there you have it. With that in mind though this is a really comprehensive book for a beginner or intermediate budding entomologist.

This highly detailed book looks at safety as well as the identification and collection of bugs. In this respect, this book would be an ideal reference book for a science teacher. It allows for easy integration with occupational, health and safety requirements as well.

The photographs are fantastic visuals and show just how kids can get involved. They accompany clear activities that are presented well and can easily be replicated either in the classroom or at home - yes, we even tried a couple here but the rest will need to wait until spring as our winter weather is keeping most bugs at bay.

A great book for looking at the scientific method. Great for children 8+ or, as mentioned, a teacher reference book.

Special thanks to Quarto Publishing/Quarry Books and Net Galley for providing me with an ARC.

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