The Princess Curse: Book Review

A curse for only a princess, or two, or twelve. Reveka knows something strange is going on with the 12 princesses and she is determined to solve the mystery and win the reward to fulfill her own dreams.

Title: The Princess Curse
Author: Merrie Haskell
ISBN: 9781760401085          Language: English with some Romanian words

Classification: Fiction
Type: YA fantasy
Themes: underworld, supernatural, curses

What's it about?
This is the based loosely on the tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses - you know the ones who dance the night away wearing out their shoes each night. The main character is Reveka who is determined to become a herbalist but needs the funds to get there. So when the offer is made for the person who can solve the mystery of the people that sleep forever and the princesses it is Reveka who decides to find out about it.

The cover is stunning - it's what attracted me to the book in the first place. The characters are interesting to start with and it's a different take on the traditional story.

It's a slow read. Many unanswered plot lines and questions.

My Thoughts
This book has many references to historical places and people - most of which I feel detract from the story as it adds nothing whatsoever to the plot. The other issue with the plot is that the mystery of the people sleeping is basically solved halfway through the book - so I guess I got to the point of thinking why the book is still going - but basically it goes off on a tangent.

The tangent is probably what I had the most issue with. Dragos is intriguing (being that he is Frumos as well) but I really struggle to visualise in my mind stories where a human and a...well whatever Dragos The other issue is the choices that Reveka makes. Okay, so she wants to save her father and for that, she throws away everything to be with Dragos in a place she knows nothing about...I don't know...for me this is where the story lost the plot a bit.

Also the princesses. Some of them were just nasty and I was left wondering halfway through the book if they were even needed in the story. A quest about Reveka may have been far more interesting than a princess or two who needed to be "saved".

The ending was another issue. As other readers have commented this feels like it was the beginning and that the rest of the story would be completed in a sequel - but apparently this is it - but far too much is left unanswered and is unbelievable.

I truly believe this book had the potential to be great but fails and is instead just mediocre. Not one I can recommend for classroom use. There may be some teenagers who enjoy MG novels that might give it a go.

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  1. Yeah I just finished reading this book. I didn’t mind it but really felt like I was left with half a story. It started so slow and then bam with the ending.