Golden Chains: Book Review

Etta must escape prison to continue her cursed duty to protect a king she loves and hates at the same time. While Etta is focused on her own magic and path she is surprised when a long-kept secret is revealed that changes her life and Alex's.

Title: Golden Chains
Series: The True Story of Rapunzel: Book 2
Author: M. Lynn (Michelle Lynn)
ISBN: 9781717749482        Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Type: YA fantasy / YA fairytale retelling
Themes: friendship, betrayal, mission

What's it about?
Etta, once the protector of the king, is now imprisoned for having magic. While she languishes in prison the king, Alex struggles with his decision and conflicting emotions. Truths are then revealed about others close to him and he must choose to follow his duty or his heart.

Vivid characters and world-building. Plenty of dialogue to keep the pace moving along fast.

The pace is much slower than the first.

It felt like there was less action in this one compared to the first.

My Thoughts
Golden Chains picks up where Golden Curse left off. We find Etta in the dungeon regretting everything and yet nothing. Several weeks had passed since she had ensured that Tyson and Edmund were safely transported away. Alex, now the king, struggles with what to do with Etta – on one hand, he knows he loves her but on the other hand she represents all her father hated – magic. It is up to Alex to fulfill his new role as king and make the decisions that are needed whether they are welcome or not. His decisions though threaten the very kingdom he is trying to protect, the woman he loves, and the future of everything.

For those that have read the first book, this book is very differently paced. It’s still a fast-moving book but with the main characters having been established already this book is really focusing on the conflict each character feels when faced with decisions with unknown consequences. There is the added bonus of your favourite characters returning and new ones introduced – who are both interesting and rather intriguing.

There were a few plot lines I had predicted from book 1 that I was correct on but I will say that I did not see the twist at the end coming. I mean to say, I saw it coming – it’s inevitable – but I thought that would be in book 3 – which of course means my mind is wildly going through possible plotlines for book 3!

Overall, this is a consistent book and a solid sequel to Golden Curse. The tone is different but clearly necessary to prepare the reader for the final installment of Golden Crown – of course, the big question being: Who gets the golden crown?

The themes in this book are ideal for a mature classroom audience. Focus can be on conflict, decision making, and ethics (with particular focus on the ethics and beliefs that are passed down within families). Another must for the bookshelf at home for readers who like their protagonist to have fire and gumption with a storyline that is original and well written. I can't wait for the final installment!

I want more and I want it NOW! For disclosure, this book does contain violence (including killing - so expect blood) and implied sexual intercourse.

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