Something Big is Coming for Classroom Kitty in 2020

I know I've been quiet but I have something big in the works!

I thought it was time I came by and checked in. Yes, I've been fairly quiet again (especially after all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! My word!) but I have a good reason.

For some time now I've been trying to come up with a better way of sharing my resources with people in a way that's convenient and less fuss. A friend of mine recently signed up to a new networking site and it is so good!

So now what?
I am currently in the very slow process of uploading all the Classroom Kitty resources. It will be subscription-based vs pay-per-item (like I currently have with TPT). You can chose to just have access to resources that you want to use over-and-over. How cool is that?

Some of the benefits will be:

  • All Classroom Kitty resources will be in one place
  • You have access to the topics/subjects (or everything) on a subscription basis (I'm still working out the details of this)
  • You can log in and download whether it suits
  • You can request resources directly
  • You can message me directly!
  • You can even share photos with others in the community showing how you used the resources!
  • And yes, there will still be a FREE folder you can all securely access
Yes, I'm excited!
This is a huge step where I want to go and it means you can pay less to access more. It also cuts out the 'middle man' and allows me to work with you direct including on custom resources!

I'm hoping to launch this on the 1st January 2020 - so stay tuned!

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