New Release: Good Luck, Bad Luck

I've been quiet on here for two reasons. First, the lockdown with COVID-19 put me a little behind and I struggled to get online, but I promise I have reviews coming! Secondly, because of this little surprise!

Tabitha and the Raincloud: Book Review

It started as a very stormy day for Tabitha.

Meet the Designer: Covers by Christian

Following on from our book review of Gina A. Watson's latest book, we get a chance to interview the graphic designer behind the cover, Christian Bentulan from Covers by Christian.

Isla's Family Tree: Book Review

Isla thinks the family is big enough, especially when she looks at their family tree. "There's no room left on our branch - it's all full!"

The Elite Wizard Games: Book Review

The competition for a prestigious spot on an
Elite Wizards Guild is at hand.

Tree: Book Review

One day Curly and Loppy notice that Tree’s leaves are starting to fall — at the wrong time of year — and Tree’s bark is flaking.

Tricky Words Race Track Activity

Learning the English language can be tricky with words that can't be sounded out. 

Together Things: Book Review

When her father feels sad, a little girl finds ways to keep the bonds of love alive.

What's New in 2020 for Miss Jenny's Classroom?

Some slight changes to reviews for 2020 onwards and what to expect in the coming weeks!

Keeping My Feet Safe: Keeping LEGO™ Play Safe (For Everyone)

It's the post for 2020 and it's all about building resilience and problem solving by using LEGO™.