What's New in 2020 for Miss Jenny's Classroom?

Some slight changes to reviews for 2020 onwards and what to expect in the coming weeks!

Time is flying by and it's almost the end of the month of January - how that happened I just don't know! I wanted to do a post about some of the small changes you'll start seeing this year on review posts in particular.

Book Reviews

I have had a number of inquiries about cover designers particularly for the independently published books that I have reviewed. While traditional publishers don't always list the graphic designer, most indie authors will shout it from the rooftops. 

Beginning this year I will now add in the cover designer and the publisher when known and if applicable. At some point, I might be able to add this to older posts but you may have noticed I'm still playing catchup from the big move twelve months ago that ate over 18 months worth of graphics, plus all the links that need updating (I am working on it, I swear!).

Cover Designers

I have conducted interviews with authors and illustrators in the past, this is something I would like to again revisit this year since I will have more time to devote to the website. Of course, I've been asked if I would extend the interviews to include cover designers - which of course I will. I already have a couple on board for releases occurring later in the year and I'm negotiating with a few more as we speak. 

I'm hoping these interviews continue to inspiring younger writers to know that anything is possible to achieve if you have the right tools. So stayed tuned!


The last couple of years I've really slipped on the activities as time has just not permitted me to do so but I will begin this again. I already did the LEGO playmat post and hope to post some of those which I have photos for but haven't written about.

Book Reviews

Some of the titles you can expect to see reviews on in the coming weeks:
  • Tree: A Story of Love and Loss by Lynn Jenkins (EKBooks)
  • Together Things by Michelle Vasiliu (EKBooks)
  • Unicorn 101 by Cale Atkinson (Doubleday)
  • Oh, Christmas Tree! by Sue Hendra (Macmillan)
  • Girl on a Wire by Lucy Estela (Penguin)
  • The Elite Wizard Games by Gina A, Watson (CHBB)

I hope your year is shaping up to be interesting as well. Thanks for joining us on our continuing journey!

Girl graphic in banner (c) Ross Zapata (used with permission)

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