New Release: Good Luck, Bad Luck

I've been quiet on here for two reasons. First, the lockdown with COVID-19 put me a little behind and I struggled to get online, but I promise I have reviews coming! Secondly, because of this little surprise!

Title: Good Luck, Bad Luck
Series: Three Kingdoms (standalone novel)
Author: Jenni Ward
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-6488363-0-8          ISBN (paperback): 978-0-6488363-1-5        
Language: English

Cover designer: Maria Spada
Publisher: Miraworth Books
Released: 30th June 2020

Classification: Fiction
Type: YA fantasy
Themes: magic, coming-of-age, belief

What's it about?

A botched rescue, an unwanted suitor, and a jealous sorceress a
re just some of her problems.

Cursed with bad luck, seventeen-year-old Mary spends her days as a caretaker of the book building protecting the books it holds. She knows from experience how dangerous the ancient books can be in the wrong hands and is determined it won't happen again.

When she deciphers a clue in one of the books that suggests rescuing a dragon will bring back her luck, she starts to believe that her life could be something more.

But the rescue ruins a sorceress' plan to acquire forbidden power, and she unleashes a curse on Mary as punishment.

Now, unable to read and questioning everything she's ever known, Mary must decide what truly matters. Can she have the happiness she's finally found and save the kingdom from the sorceress?

Leaving might be the only way to return.

My thoughts
Okay, so I'm hardly going to be objective with my own novel but I did enjoy writing this. It took over ten years from the beginning to now to finish it and that included a major edit in the last 12 months (thanks to Chase at Story Taming!)

My writing style in this book is different from how I write now which is why I decided to stop playing with it and release it. I do hope to continue with their world and there is a planned series that takes place prior to this novel planned for 2021. 

This book is a coming-of-age and also realising what is really important. For me, it's a dream come true. 

For those on a budget, it is available in Kindle Unlimited as well. 

Language: mild
Sexual content: none

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