About the Author

Miss Jennifer Ward: Combining a love of reading and writing into a businessI thought it was time to add a page about myself to let you know who I am and my own journey in creating this website.

I have always loved reading. Reading was the one passion I had as a kid – the ability to enter into a new world, be someone else, see things from another’s perspective…how much more awesome could life get? Of course I got to a point in my teenage years where suddenly I was much pickier about the books I read and I also became a lot more critical of the characters and the plot. But the saying does go about glass-houses and so I began dabbling in writing as well. Writing became a means of getting me through some difficult teenage and early adult years – even now I fall back to writing to help process the day and let it go – ready to go again in the morning.

A love of reading

In between all this reading I dropped out of high school just before my 15th birthday and started to pursue a career in library work. Somewhere along the line I worked in art galleries and a cafe but eventually ended up back at school – working first as a volunteer and then as an education assistant. I moved between working at both primary and secondary schools and eventually I found myself working more in classrooms alongside students with behavioural or learning needs and my dreams of a career in libraries faded away (but I did get my Library Technician qualification). I stayed working in high school predominately for several years before I was ready for a more challenging career – so I tossed the job in and started my first business: Jenny’s Learning Support Centre.

Miss Jennifer Ward LOGO

A new direction: my first business

In my new role I tutored children from age 5 to 16 mainly in reading, writing, and mathematics. It was during one conversation with a parent that it was suggested I should be a teacher…and so off I went and applied…and was accepted into Charles Darwin University (Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia) to study a 4-year Bachelor of Teaching and Learning. Impatient and not wanting to spend 4 years studying – I took on summer courses and completed it in 3 years. By this point I had successfully managed my own business for about 6 years and again it was time to move on.

I worked as a teacher for the next part of my career until I became pregnant with twins. In August that same year I welcomed a daughter and son. In my mind I knew that if I didn’t return to work as a teacher the following year – I probably never would – and so it was time to again change direction. At this point this website was started: Miss Jenny’s Classroom.

Going full circle: Back to writing

Admittedly it has been a learning journey learning how to create posts and content. At the same time I decided it was time to head back to my first passion – writing. Alongside this website I manage my own online store of teaching materials, Classroom Kitty, on TPT.  During this time I have also rediscovered a love of drawing and have found that working digitally is a learning curve but fun.

My vision for this website

Through this blog I hope to widen educators knowledge of resources available in different languages and with diverse characters and settings.
Because at the end of the day – who knows what direction I will take next.