Got A New Book?


I have been approached frequently if I will accept a free book from independent authors, illustrators, or book publishing companies. In general I do but please read through the information below to see if your books fits prior to mailing.

Book Reviewing Policy for Authors, Illustrators and Book PublishersWhat I Look For…
Overall, I look for books that meet specific needs. I have a particular interest in diverse and multicultural books with different characters and situations. I am also always keen to find new bi-lingual books and those in languages other than English.

Target Audience
* toddlers
* young children
* teens
* young adult
Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome. Graphic novels also accepted as long as the target audience is listed above.

Submission Guidelines
* Priority for reviews will be given to those that best fit the categories this website services (no adult fiction or adult non-fiction is accepted)
* Yes, I ACCEPT unsolicitated books but there is no guarantee of a review. Address is listed below/
*I NO LONGER ACCEPT books from self-published authors and/or illustrators. Due to a high number of indie authors saying they will send a copy and failing to follow through as well as immaturely dealing with constructive reviews I will no longer accept any.

* Hard copies  are preferred over digital eBooks especially with books aimed at younger children. Hard copies are given priority over digital.

Australian & International Book Publishers
* It is preferred that you email bulk press releases, AIS and online new release catalogues first.
* I will make contact directly if there are any books I wish to review.
* I cannot advise in any manner when a review will be posted – or once it has been – due to the number of review requests.
* All books, including those solicited, will be subject to my right to not review if it is not within the scope of this website’s audience.
* I am unable to return books and I am unable to advise of my receipt of books. Some books will be chosen to be kept by myself, others used as giveaways, and others will be donated to school and libraries in need of quality books.

Books can be mailed to
 Jennifer Ward
PO Box 3523
Mount Gambier, SA 5290

Interviews with Authors and Illustrators (including Clip Artists)
* Beginning in 2018 I will be including interviews with persons who fit one or more of the categories listed. At this stage I can only hold interview via email or written post.