While “Are we there yet?” is popular on road trips it is nothing compared with twenty-five students all asking at different times: “What’s next?”, “Do we have an assembly today?” or “When’s math?” – okay so maybe not the last! View Post

Summer Swimming Fun! A complete activity solution for swimming week. Read more at Miss Jenny's ClassroomSwimming Week – As teachers we love it…we hate it. Lessons and transport to and from the venue eat away at the day and leave little time for regular lessons. That’s why this year I had a plan!

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Erik the Red Sees Green - a story of colour blindness. Read the review over at Miss Jenny's ClassroomErik the Red is having a difficult time in school. He just can’t seem to get things right…questions that don’t exist that he gets wrong, kicking the ball the wrong way in soccer, and painting his hair…not red. What is going on with Erik?

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I love alliteration! I can still remember when I was about seven years old that I first heard Peter Piper
and promptly made the decision that I was going to memorise that poem! (and I did, just in case you were wondering). View Post

No, David!David Gets in TroubleDavid Goes to School
The David books are funny, witty and engaging. I first started using No, David! a couple of years ago after it was a recommended text to use in the Writing Through the Year: Unit 1 by Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump.

My students were instantly charmed by No, David! and begged for more. Initially I purchased the 5 year-old-ish ones and then the Diaper David series.

There isn’t a lot of text in these books but words are really necessary, in fact it there were no text I think children could easily tell the story in their own words. These books are a great way of engaging students – in particular boys who are not usually a big fan of books. I also found students I taught that had delayed cognitive function and students who were learning English as a second language also enjoyed the story.

These books were probably the most read that I had in my classroom library when I taught a grade 1/2 composite class.

I do have one criticism about David Goes to School which you can read on my Book Review page.

In terms of activities, I have used them at the start of year when class behaviour rules are decided upon. Last year in a grade 2/3 class we wrote “David Goes to the Library”. The students brainstormed sentences for David and then in pairs illustrated them. Once laminated the pages were bound into a book. It was a good communication and social activity that was very successful.

David Smells!   Oh David!: A Diaper David Book   Oops! A Diaper David Book

These are some fantastic activities that are out there that I have used:

Behaviour Sort by The Weekly Sprinkle
          David Goes to the Library by Little Miss Librarian

David Masks by Mitchell Willcox
First Grade Parade
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