Boandik Language: Ocean Theme

Bunganditj Oceans Word Wall (Boandik language resource). Read about it on Miss Jenny's Classroom

Boandik / Bunganditj language resources with an ocean theme. Finding language resources can be hard work!

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Telling the Time in a Digital World

Mathematics: Time

Telling the time is an area which some students pick up very easily and others struggle. I can remember as a kid being so excited when Mum agreed to buy me my first ever watch – it was a Little Mermaid / Ariel watch with water in the face and a starfish that floated. There was a proviso though put on this item
– Mum would only buy it when I could tell the time on both an analogue and digital clock. Guess what I spent the next couple of weeks practising over and over!

While it is great to get students to make their own digital clocks I am very much a realist and I know that sometimes a teacher just can’t fit in all those wonderful activities – especially making things from scratch. Here is what I came up with for learning to read a digital clock (I find students pick this up much quicker than analogue and it helps to support the learning as they have the confidence of already knowing ‘something’). This is a little kit – you could print off a set each for the students – great for whole class activities or print and laminate a few (which I did) to use in math centres.

Boandik Language: Colours

Boandik (Bunganditj) Language

Here is my second posting of word wall cards featuring the Boandik language. This time I have created a set of colour words.
There are seven (7) cards in total with the following colours: red, black, brown, blue, ochre (cream), white and green.

How might you use these cards in your classroom? Subject areas that come to mind include art, science and English – an activity using the colours to describe the outside world. Go on a field trip to explore native plants in the area and use these traditional words.

Boandik Language: Creepy Crawlers

Boandik Bunganditj language resources that are ready to print and use. A native language of the Mount Gambier area. Miss Jenny's ClassroomIncluding native languages into a classroom is usually straightforward…Unless of course there is limited information and resources available. Such is the case for the Mount Gambier aboriginal Boandik (Bunganditj) Language.

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First Week Ideas: Part 2

Walk In My Shoes going through a folder today I found my transition “getting to know you” activity. I have used this activity in grades 1-3 and found it to be very versatile.

I give students the option of drawing or writing and find that even my low-literacy students will do some writing.

This activity adds a splash of colour and information ready for acquaintance night.  For schools that use portfolios each term this piece makes an excellent reflective work sample for the final term. I get students to reflect on what they wrote, how they presented the information and how they think they have grown.